Phrasal verbs beginning with letter E

Here is a list of phrasal verbs beginning with letter E.

Ease off

When pain or discomfort eases off, it becomes less severe.

  • The tablets couldn’t ease off the pain.
  • The heavy rain showed no sign of easing off, so we stayed indoors.

Ease up has the same meaning as ease off.

Eat away

When A eats B away, A destroys B or makes it less strong, prominent or important.

  • Labor unrest has been eating away our profits.

Eat in / eat out

To eat in is to eat at home. To eat out is to eat in a restaurant.

  • I thought we could eat out tonight.
  • I don’t feel like going out. I would rather eat in tonight.

Eat up

To eat something up is to consume it.

  • ‘Where are the cookies?’ ‘I ate them up.’

If a car eats up fuel, it consumes too much fuel.

  • My car eats up petrol. I should buy a more fuel-efficient one.

When mosquitoes eat you up, they bite you all over.

  • Don’t forget to apply some insect repellant cream when you go hiking. Otherwise, the bugs will eat you up.

When an idea eats you up, it becomes an obsession.

  • The desire to become an actress was eating her up.

Egg on

To egg somebody on is to encourage them to do something (silly).

  • They egged him on to jump across the stream.

Eke out

To eke something out is to make it last longer.

  • We will need to develop renewable energy sources if we want to eke out our natural resources.

To eke out a living is to earn enough to live.

  • It simply isn’t easy to eke out a living with a part time job.

End up

This is an inseparable phrasal verb. To end up somewhere is to end there after a series of events.

  • He frequently had trouble with the law so when he ended up in prison nobody was surprised.
  • He ended up marrying his ex-girlfriend.

Explain away

To explain something away is to give an excuse for something you have done.

  • He couldn’t explain away his absence from work.

Eye up

To eye somebody up is to look at them in a certain way that shows you are interested in them.

Sally knew Martin was eyeing her up, but she chose to ignore him.


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