Phrasal verbs with pull

Here are some idiomatic expressions with pull.

Pull back

To pull back is to retreat.

  • The infiltrators pulled back when army started firing.

Pull someone’s leg

To pull someone’s leg is to deceive them for a joke.

  • My brother always pulls my leg.

Pull something off

To pull something off is to succeed in doing something difficult.

Pull out

To pull out is to withdraw.

  • Injury forced him to pull out of the tournament.

Pull strings

To pull strings is to make use of your influence to gain an advantage.

  • Our politicians are never tired of pulling strings.
  • His parents pulled strings to ensure that he got the job.

Pull yourself together

To pull yourself together is to regain your self-control.

  • The news had shaken her but she quickly pulled herself together.

Pull your weight

To pull your weight is to do your fair share of work.

  • If everyone pulls their weight, we will be able to finish this job before sunset.

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