Idiomatic expressions with put

Here is a list of phrasal verbs using the word put.

Put away

To put away is to consume food or drink in large quantities.

  • If you are going to sit there all day long, you will put away all those chocolates.

Put someone down

To put someone down is to criticize them.

  • Why you are always putting me down?

Put someone off

To put someone off is to cause them to feel less enthusiasm.

  • Her arrogance put me off.

Put something off

To put something off is to postpone it.

  • The meeting was put off due to the chairman’s illness.

Put something on

To put an accent on is to adopt it.

  • He always puts on a strange accent when he speaks to foreigners.

Put someone out

To put someone out is to upset or annoy them.

  • You always put me out by acting so stupidly.

Put someone up

To put someone up is to accommodate them for a short time.

  • My friend has agreed to put me up when I visit his country next month.

Put up with

To put up with something is to tolerate it.

  • I will no longer put up with your tantrums.

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