Idiomatic expressions with die

Die out

When a species dies out, it becomes extinct. Die out can also mean subside, wane or fade away.

  • Plants died out for want of water.
  • The chiming of the bell died out.

Die down

If something dies down, it becomes less strong or loud.

  • The noise died down.

Be dying for / be dying to do

When you are dying for something, you are very eager to have it.

  • She is dying for a brand new mobile phone.
  • The mother is dying to meet her daughter.
  • I am dying to see my homeland again.

Die hard

This expression is used to talk about something that changes very slowly.

  • Old habits die hard.

Never say die

An expression used to mean that one must not give up hope.

  • It was his never say die spirit that helped him overcome many setbacks in his life.

To die for = very good or desirable

  • She has a face to die for. (= She has a very desirable or good face.)

The die is cast

In this expression the word ‘die’ is the singular of ‘dice’.

This expression is used to mean that an event has happened that cannot be changed.


A diehard is a person who supports something in spite of changing circumstances.

  • He is a diehard romantic.

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