Prepositional Phrases

Following is a list of idiomatic prepositional phrases and examples. Always use these prepositional phrases as units; don’t substitute other prepositions.

Accuse somebody of something

  • She accused me of stealing her purse.

Acquainted with

  • Peter is acquainted with my cousin John.

Afraid of

  • I am afraid of cockroaches.

Agree on (a plan)

  • They finally agreed on a plan.

Agree to (someone else’s proposal)

  • Did Betty agree to their demands?

Angry with (sometimes at) a person for doing something

  • She was angry with him for lying to her.

Angry at/about (a thing)

  • The commuters are angry about the fare hike.

Anxious about (=worried about)

  • I am getting anxious about money.

Anxious for (=eager to have)

We are all anxious for an end to this misunderstanding.

Approve of

  • Did she approve of the vacation plan?

Arrive at/in

  • What time do we arrive at Tokyo?

Bad at

  • She is very bad at cooking.

Belong on/in (= go, fit, have its place in/on)

  • Those glasses belong on the top shelf.

Belong to (= be a member of)

  • I belong to a local athletics club.

Congratulate/congratulations on something

  • I must congratulate you on your exam results.

Contrast with

  • The red shirt contrasts with the pink pants.

Convenient for

  • Is Monday convenient for you?

Deal with

  • How do you deal with that awful child?

Depend on/ dependent on

  • He doesn’t want to be dependent on his parents.

Die of /from

  • A week after the accident he died of/from his injuries.

Differ from (something)

  • The airplane differs from the train.

Differ with (a person)

  • I differ with your argument.

Disappointed with somebody

  • She never showed whether she was disappointed with him.

Disappointed with/at/about something

  • You must be pretty disappointed with/at/about your exam results.

Explain something to somebody

  • Could you explain this rule to me?

Get on (to) and off a train, plane, bus, ship, motor bike or horse

  • We will be getting off the train in ten minutes.

Ill with

  • He has been ill with flu this week.

Impressed with/by

  • I am very impressed with/by your work.

Independent of

  • She got a job so that she could be independent of her parents.

Insist on

  • She insisted on coming with us.

Interested in

  • Not many people are interested in grammar.

Interfere with

  • Homework can interfere with your social life.

Kind to

  • Be kind to others.

Be lacking in

  • She is lacking in tact.

Laugh at

  • I hate being laughed at.

Listen to

  • If you don’t listen to people they won’t listen to you.

Look after (=take care of)

  • Thanks for looking after me when I was ill.

Look for (=try to find)

  • Can you help me look for my keys?

Operate on a patient

  • They operated on her last night.

Pay for something that is bought

  • I will pay for the drink.

Proof of

  • I want proof of your love. Lend me some money.

Reason for

  • Nobody knows the reason for the accident.

Reason with

  • You can’t reason with a two-year-old.

Responsible for

  • Who is responsible for the shopping this week?

Rude to

  • He is rude to everybody.

Shocked at/by

  • We are shocked at your hair color!

Sorry for/about something one has done

  • I am sorry for/about breaking your window.

Sorry for a person

  • I feel sorry for her.

Speak to; speak with

  • Could I speak to/with John for a moment?

Specialize in

  • The hairdresser must specialize in humour.

Trip over

  • He tripped over the cat and fell downstairs.

Typical of

  • The wine is typical of the region.

Wrong with

  • What is wrong with you?

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