Present perfect tense worksheet | Class 6 grammar worksheets

Complete the following sentences using appropriate present perfect tense forms.

1. Rani —————— the first prize.

a) has won
b) won
c) had won

2. The children ——————- their homework.

a) has completed
b) have completed
c) had completed

3. Somebody —————— the cat in.

a) has let
b) have let
c) had let

4. He ——————– to be a scientist.

a) had always wanted
b) has always wanted
c) always wanted

5. They —————— left.

a) have
b) has
c) had

6. They —————— the invitation.

a) have accepted
b) has accepted
c) had accepted

7. I ——————– my breakfast.

a) have have
b) have had
c) had have

8. Samuel ——————- smoking.

a) has given up
b) have given up
c) gave up

9. Mari —————— from work.

a) returned
b) has returned
c) had returned

10. ‘Where is Shyam?’ ‘He —————— to Mexico.’

a) went
b) has been
c) has gone


1. Rani has won the first prize.

2. The children have completed their homework.

3. Somebody has let the cat in.

4. He has always wanted to be a scientist.

5. They have left.

6. They have accepted the invitation.

7. I have had my breakfast.

8. Samuel has given up smoking.

9. Mari has returned from work.

10. ‘Where is Shyam?’ ‘He has gone to Mexico.’


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