Present perfect tense worksheet

Complete the following sentences using an appropriate present perfect tense form.

1. I ——————— anything more from her.

a) haven’t heard
b) didn’t hear
c) haven’t hear

2. She ———————- rude to anyone.

a) has never been
b) was never been
c) has never being

3. Where ———————– all this while?

a) have you been
b) has you been
c) were you

4. I ———————- anything like this before.

a) have never seen
b) have never saw
c) has never seen

5. We ———————- an invite.

a) are received
b) have received
c) were received

6. She ——————— to become a writer.

a) has always wanted
b) have always wanted
c) was always wanted

7. The police ———————- the smugglers.

a) have arrested
b) has arrested
c) was arrested
d) were arrested

8. He ———————– any interest in politics.

a) has never shown
b) was never shown
c) have never shown

9. We ———————– by them.

a) have cheated
b) have been cheated
c) has cheated
d) has been cheated

10. He ———————- his country.

a) has never represent
b) has never represented
c) was never represented


1. I haven’t heard anything more from her.

2. She has never been rude to anyone.

3. Where have you been all this while?

4. I have never seen anything like this before.

5. We have received an invite.

6. She has always wanted to become a writer.

7. The police have arrested the smugglers.

8. He has never shown any interest in politics.

9. We have been cheated by them.

10. He has never represented his country.


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