Provide vs. Provide With

To provide is to give someone something that they need.

  • They provide free food and accommodation for their employees.
  • The school provides accommodation for students.
  • He should be able to provide information about the new infrastructure projects in this locality.

Provide someone with something

  • The get-together provided him with an opportunity to meet some of his old classmates.
  • My visit to France provided me with an opportunity to learn some French.

Provide something for someone

  • The school provides accommodation for students.
  • Some companies have started providing playrooms for children so that working mothers can bring their kids along.

Provide something to someone

  • We provide legal advice to our clients.
  • This website provides free English grammar lessons to ESL students.

Provide or provide with

When provide means ‘give someone something they need’, it takes the preposition with.

  • My parents didn’t have enough money to provide me with a university education. (NOT My parents didn’t have enough money to provide me a university education.)
  • She works two jobs in a day so that she can provide her children with food and clothing.
  • The school provides students with accommodation.
  • Summer camps provide students with an opportunity to learn new skills.
  • They provide their employees with free food and accommodation.
  • My parents have provided me with all that I want.

Phrasal verbs with provide

Provide against

To provide against something is to take steps to deal with something bad that may happen.

  • No matter how hard we try, we can’t provide against certain circumstances.

Provide for

To provide for someone is to make sure that they have what they need.

  • She works hard to provide for her family.
  • He doesn’t earn enough to provide for his children.

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