Questions regarding health and fitness | English speaking lesson

Here are some questions regarding health and fitness. Sample answers are also given.

  • ‘Do you enjoy jogging?’ ‘Yes, I enjoy it.’
  • ‘How often do you work out?’ ‘I work out almost every day.’ / ‘At least four times a week.’
  • ‘You never used to eat vegetables. Have you suddenly acquired a taste for them?’ ‘No, I just heard they are healthy for you.’
  • ‘What made you decide to start working out?’ ‘I heard that it’s good for health.’ / ‘I want to be healthier.’
  • ‘You go for a walk every day. Do you enjoy it?’ ‘Well, I hate walking, but I do it because it’s very healthy.’

Talking about good and bad health of your family members

Use the following phrases to talk about the good and bad health of your family members.

  • My grandmother is eighty but her eyesight is still very sharp.
  • My grandfather is very worried about his health, but the doctors can’t find anything wrong with him.
  • My grandmother is going blind, so she can’t move about that much.
  • My grandmother can’t walk that well because of leg pains. But besides that, she’s very healthy.
  • My father is diabetic.
  • My grandfather is quite healthy for his age.
  • My mother has arthritis / blood pressure / diabetes / etc. She’s always worried about her health.

Talking about the health of a newborn baby

  • My sister has just had her baby. (= My sister has given birth to a baby.)
  • ‘Isn’t the baby healthy?’‘He is. He is a healthy little boy.’
  • Having healthy children is indeed a blessing.
  • I’m so happy that I’m blessed with healthy children.
  • ‘We have been blessed with a bonny (= healthy, attractive) baby.’ ‘Congratulations.’

Talking about major illnesses

Use the following phrases and sentences to talk about serious illnesses.

  • He smokes a lot. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets cancer.
  • Don’t eat too much spicy foods. They could upset your stomach.
  • My father-in-law died from stomach cancer last year. The doctors couldn’t detect it early.
  • My grandfather has been unwell for a while. The doctors haven’t detected anything particularly serious, but he just doesn’t feel well.
  • My sister falls ill very often. I’m really worried about her health.

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