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When we meet people we know we usually ask about their health or general well-being by using the question How are you?

• Hi Seena, how are you?
• Glad to meet you James. How are you?

You can answer this question in very many ways. If you are feeling well, you can say:

• I’m fine, thanks. OR I’m good, thanks.

If you are not feeling very well, you could say something like:

• Not too good, actually. OR Not great, really.

Tell me…

To ask general questions about people, you can use a phrase like Tell me…

• Tell me something about yourself.
• Tell me about your foreign trip.
• Tell me about your new projects.
• Tell me about your family / kids.
• Tell me about your work.

What’s like ….

Use What…like…? to ask about people’s character and appearance.

• ‘What’s your sister like?’ ‘She’s quiet and a bit shy.’
• ‘What’s your hometown like?’ ‘It’s a beautiful place with lots of heritage buildings.’
• ‘What’s your course like?’ ‘It’s quite boring.’
• ‘What’s your dad like?’ ‘He’s very strict.’

You can also ask general questions beginning with When…?, Where…? or Why…?

• Where are you going (to)?
• Where does this road lead (to)?
• Where is the post office?
• Where is the market?
• Where are you taking me (to)?
• Where is your office?
• Where do you work?
• Where are you staying?

To is often dropped in questions after where.


•When are you going to start?
• When is the party?
• When does the show begin?
• When are you going to get a job?


• Why did you quit that job?
• Why did you decide to become a scientist?
• Why did you say that?
• Why did you accept that offer?
• Why did she stop writing?
• Why did he get angry?

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