Chatting to people | sample conversation

Here are some useful phrases you may hear or use when you are speaking to your friends or colleagues.

Have you ever been to a foreign country?

How long have you been working here?

How long have you been staying in California?

Can you speak English?

Do you speak English?

Are you married?

Have you got any children?

Do you come here often?

Have you worked here for a long time?

Do you enjoy your stay in Mumbai?

Do you like it here?

Are you enjoying it here?

Do you speak Spanish?

Could you speak more slowly, please?

I’m sorry – I don’t understand.

Could you speak a little louder, please?

Could you repeat what you just said, please?

Could you repeat that, please?

Thank you for a pleasant evening.

I hope we will meet again sometime soon.

It was nice to meet you.

That was a pleasant surprise.

Here is a sample conversation.


Maya is at her friend Krishna’s party. Rahul comes to introduce himself to her.

Rahul: Hi, I’m Rahul. I’m a friend of Krishna’s.

Maya: Oh, glad to meet you. Krishna has told me a lot about you. You’re his roommate, right?

Rahul: Yes, I’m his roommate. You work with him, don’t you? What do you do, exactly?

Maya: I am a web designer. What about you?

Rahul: I work at a bank.

Maya: Oh… Where are you from?

Rahul: I’m from Shimla.

Maya: So what do you think of the weather in Chennai? It must be too hot for you.

Rahul: It is. Sometimes the heat gets unbearable.

Maya: Are you going to stay here for long?

Rahul: I’m not sure. I would like to move to Bangalore or Kolkata.

Maya: So you don’t enjoy your stay here.

Rahul: I do. I love South Indian food and Chennai has got a number of amazing restaurants. I’ve also got several good friends here. Heat is the only problem I face in Chennai.


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