50 Questions To Start An English Conversation

When we meet people we usually ask them some personal questions. On this page you will find some of the most basic English questions that you can use to start a conversation. Appropriate answers are also given.

Asking for personal information

1. What’s your name?

Adityan / My name is Adityan. / I’m Adityan.

2. Where are you from? / Where do you come from?

I’m from Chennai / I come from Chennai. / Chennai

3. What’s your surname / family name?


4. What’s your first name?


5. Where do you live?

I live in MG Street. / I live in Thane.

6. What is your phone number? / Can I have your phone number, please?

Sure. My phone number is 9310615118 / Yes, please write down 9310615118.

7. How old are you?

Thirty-three. / I’m thirty-three. / I’m thirty-three years old.

8. When were you born?

1979 / I was born in 1979.

9. Where were you born?

Kerala / I was born in Kerala.

10. Are you married? / What’s your marital status?

Yes, I’m married. / No, I’m single.

11. What do you do?

I’m working. / I’m studying. / I work at a bank. / I teach at a school. / I’m a mechanic.

12. What’s your job?

I’m a teacher / doctor / mechanic.

13. Have you got a job?

Yes, I’ve got a good job. / No, I haven’t got a job.

14. Where are you going?

I’m going to the market / school / office.

15. What are you doing there?

I’m washing the car / cooking dinner / playing.

16. Have you got a car / house?

Yes, I have got a car. / No, I haven’t got a car.

17. Have you got any children?

Yes, I have got two children – a boy and a girl. / No, I haven’t got any children.

18. Can you speak English / French / Hindi / etc.?

Yes, I can speak English and Hindi. / No, I can’t speak French. / I’m not a fluent speaker, but I can make myself understood.

19. Are you fluent in English?

Yes, I’m. / No, I am not.

20. Can you sing / dance / paint / etc.?

Yes, I can paint. / No, I can’t dance.

21. Can you play tennis / golf / football / etc.?

Yes, I can play tennis. / No, I can’t play golf.

Introducing Yourself / Saying Hello

22. How do you do?

How do you do? Glad to meet you.

23. How are you?

Very well, thanks. And you?


24. How can I help you? / May I help you?

Yes. I’m looking for a Barbie doll / a sweater / a coat / a shirt / etc.

25. Can I try this shirt on?

Sure, the changing rooms are over there.

26. How much does it cost? / How much is it?

It’s Rs. 300 / $5.

27. How would you like to pay?

By cash / cheque / credit card.

28. Can I pay by credit card / check / debit card?

Certainly. We accept all major cards.

29. This shirt is bigger for me. Have you got a smaller one?

Certainly, we’ve got smaller sizes as well.

Asking Something Specific

30. What’s that?

It’s an elephant.

31. What is its colour?

It’s black.

32. What time is it?

It’s six o’clock.

33. Can / May I open the window?

Certainly. It’s hot in here!

34. Would you mind my opening the window?

Not at all. / Please do.

35. Would you mind moving a bit?

Not at all.

36. Is there a bank / post office / etc., near here?

Yes. There is a bank just around the corner. / Yes, there is a post office on the next corner.

37. Where is the nearest bank / supermarket / pharmacy / etc.?

The nearest bank is on the next street.

38. Have you got any razors / books / DVDs / etc.

Yes, I have got some books. / No, I haven’t got any DVDs.

39. Are there any apples / sandwiches / eggs / etc.?

No, there aren’t any apples / eggs left. / Yes, there are some apples.

40. Whose car / bag / coat / book / is this?

It’s mine. / It’s John’s. / It’s his.

41. Is this your / his / her / etc. book / ball / house / etc.?

Yes, it’s my book. / No, I think it’s his ball.

Questions with Like

42. What do you like?

I like playing tennis. / I like reading detective novels. / I like listening to music.

43. What does he look like?

He’s tall and slim.

44. What would you like?

I’d like a steak and chips.

45. What’s the weather like?

It’s raining at the moment. / It is drizzling. (= light rain). / It is snowing.

46. Would you like some coffee / tea / food?

Yes, thank you. I’d like some coffee. / No, thanks.

47. Would you like something to drink / eat?

Thank you. Could I have a cup of tea? / No, thanks.

Asking for an Opinion

48. What do you think about your job / that book / Susie / capitalism / etc.?

I thought the book was very interesting. / I think Susie is a nice girl. / I like my job.

49. How big / far / difficult / easy is it?

The test was very difficult! / It is very big. / The beach is quite far from here.

50. How was it?

It was very interesting. / It was a complete waste of time.

51. What are you going to do tomorrow / this evening / next week / etc.?

I’m going to visit some friends next weekend. / I’m going to do some shopping.


52. What shall we do this evening?

Let’s go see a film.

53. Why don’t we go out / play tennis / visit friends / etc. this evening?

Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

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