Conversation Between Two Friends | English Speaking Practice

Story line: Ram is still in touch with his old classmates from high school, while James has lost contact with most of his school buddies. Here is a conversation between the two.

Ram: I just received an email from one of my old classmates.

James: That’s great! Are you still in touch with your old friends? I can’t believe this.

Ram: Well, actually I’d lost contact with most of them, but I tracked them down with the help of Facebook. Now I keep them posted about what I’m doing and they do the same to me.

James: To be frank, I’ve been out of touch with most of my old friends. I do think about them occasionally but haven’t heard from them in ages.

Ram: You can’t blame them. It’s hard to stay in touch when people move around so much.

James: That’s right. People get busy with their own things and just drift apart. But you are lucky to be in touch with your old buddies. I wish I could do the same.

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