Reading comprehension exercise 5

Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow.

In the world have we made health an end in itself? We have forgotten that health is really a means to enable a person to do his work and do it well. A lot of modern medicine is concerned with promotion of good health. Many patients as well as many physicians pay very little attention to health; but very much attention to health makes some people imagine that they are ill.

Our great concern with health is shown by the medical columns in newspapers, the health articles in popular magazines and the popularity of the television programmes and all those books on medicine. We talk about health all the time. Yet the only result of this obsession with health is the rise in the number of people with imaginary illnesses.

The healthy man should not be wasting any time talking about health; he should be using health for work, the work he does and the work that good health makes possible.

Reading comprehension exercise 5

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