Relative Pronouns Exercise For Class 7 CBSE

Join together the following sentences using a relative pronoun.

1. We got into a bus. It was crowded.
2. The letter reached me. It was sent by my sister.
3. This is my friend. I was speaking of him.
4. The cat caught the mouse. The cat was pursuing the mouse.
5. The boy was very happy. The boy got the prize.
6. Give me the pen. The pen is on the table.
7. I have a friend. He is a great artist.


1. We got into a bus which was crowded.
2. The letter which was sent by my sister reached me.
3. This is my friend of whom I was speaking.
4. The cat which was pursuing the mouse caught it.
5. The boy who got the prize was very happy.
6. Give me the pen which is on the table.
7. I have a friend who is a great artist.

Relative pronouns exercise 2

Split the following sentences into two.

1. Bring me the cap that is lying on the bed.
2. The dog that was sick died.
3. The chair which was very old broke.
4. The work which you have to do is not easy.
5. Where is the purse that I left here yesterday?


1. Bring me the cap. The cap is lying on the bed.
2. The dog died. The dog was sick.
3. The chair broke. The chair was very old.
4. The work is not easy. You have to do the work.
5. Where is the purse? I left it here yesterday.

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