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This grammar exercise tests your understanding of rules regarding the use of verbs, prepositions and conjunctions. It is designed for students of classes 8, 9 and 10. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate verb, preposition or conjunction. Each question is followed by four suggested answers. Choose the most appropriate one.

1. He was let off ———————- he would not repeat the offence.

a) so that b) on condition that c) in order that d) because

2. He wore a coat ———————- he might not catch cold.

a) in order that b) provided that c) on condition that d) so as to

3. It has been raining continuously ——————- yesterday morning.

a) for b) from c) since d) ago

4. The conference will take place between the 12th —————- the 16th of this month.

a) to b) and c) through d) none of these

5. This is the kind of music that I like to listen —————–.

a) to b) from c) at d) with

6. Here is the man that I was talking to you ———————

a) at b) about c) with d) none of these

7. ——————– my best efforts, I could not win the election.

a) by means of b) in spite of c) owing to d) on behalf of

8. Pay your fees in time lest you ——————- be fined.

a) would b) could c) should d) might

9. He —————– only say what he wants and it will be granted.

a) need b) should c) would d) might

10. I don’t know if we can fully confide ——————- him.

a) with b) in c) at d) about

11. He was deprived —————- his patrimony by his unscrupulous uncle.

a) of b) about c) with d) from

12. The turban and the beard easily —————– a Sikh from others.

a) discriminate b) distinct c) distinguish d) separate

13. This is similar to the other tune, but quite ————— from it.

a) distinctive b) distinct c) diverge d) divergent

14. I want to —————– of my old car.

a) dispose b) discard c) throw out d) none of these

15. —————– yourself of this opportunity to visit Kashmir.

a) accept b) avail c) access d) accede

16. He ———————- to a story in Mahabharata.

a) alluded b) mentioned c) told d) none of these

17. Don’t —————– over past failures.

a) worry b) think c) brood d) none of these

18. The wise will never allow themselves to be —————– into evil habits by the wicked.

a) enticed b) engaged c) engulfed d) enamored

19. He —————- under the displeasure of the authorities.

a) came b) got c) fell d) became

20. She —————– on my joining them.

a) insisted b) required c) demanded d) requested

21. We are heirs —————- the glorious culture of ancient India.

a) to b) of c) with d) off

22. I tried to —————— him from following such a course.

a) dissuade b) persuade c) encourage d) advise

23. We must be grateful for the blessings that God has ————— on us.

a) granted b) given c) presented d) bestowed

24. He is ————— with leprosy.

a) affected b) effected c) afflicted d) contacted

25. He seems to be ————– on mischief.

a) bent b) determined c) resolved d) fixed


1. on condition that
2. in order that
3. since
4. and (It is wrong to say between 2 to 4; use and instead.)
5. to
6. about
7. in spite of
8. should (Should is the only auxiliary verb that can used after lest.)
9. need (The auxiliary need can be used with only.)
10. in
11. of
12. distinguish
13. distinct
14. dispose
15. avail
16. alluded
17. brood
18. enticed
19. fell
20. insisted
21. to
22. dissuade
23. bestowed
24. afflicted
25. bent

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