Sentence Completion Worksheet For Class 10

Test your understanding of English grammar rules with this grammar exercise. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word or phrase.

English Grammar Exercise

1. The state of affairs ——————- sure to cause him anxiety.

a) is b) are c) were d) has

2. A carpenter and a goldsmith ————— in our street.

a) live b) lives c) is living d) are living

3. The introduction of reforms ————— greatly opposed by the aristocracy.

a) was b) were c) have been d) are being

4. Slow and steady —————- the race.

a) win b) wins c) has won d) would win

5. He —————- hardly finished his lunch when someone knocked at the door.

a) was b) had c) did d) would

6. He has been working here —————— three years now.

a) since b) for c) from d) before

7. I saw him two months ——————

a) ago b) before c) for d) since

8. He was foolish —————- to listen to her.

a) enough b) too c) also d) as well

9. I wish you ————— keep to the subject instead of digressing like this.

a) should b) would c) might d) must

10. ————— you give the keys of the safe you will be shot.

a) if b) unless c) but d) though

11. I would rather be a doctor —————- a lawyer.

a) than b) to c) but d) none of these

12. Clever ————— he was, he could not solve the problem.

a) as b) though c) as though d) even though

13. ————- he was clever, he could not solve the problem.

a) Though b) As c) Even d) In spite of

14. Strong ————- the elephant was, it could not face the swift leopard.

a) as b) though c) as though d) even as

15. Such was Damayanti’s beauty ————– princes from far and near came to woo her.

a) as b) for c) so d) that

16. He climbed up a tree ————- to get a good view of the procession.

a) such that b) such as c) so as d) even as

17. I will call you when the guests ——————-

a) arrive b) will arrived c) will be arriving d) will have arrived

18. They —————– the TV for a long time when the burglars burst in.

a) was seeing b) have been seeing c) had been seeing d) saw

19. My father usually ——————- coffee in the morning, but today he drank tea.

a) drinks b) drink c) drank d) was drinking

20. Ram is one of the players who ——————- selected for the Test match.

a) has been b) have been c) is d) was

21. Each of the boys —————- interviewed by the principal.

a) are b) were c) has been d) have been

22. He would rather —————- than yield to pressure.

a) be dying b) die c) died d) will die

23. Not —————— in time, he could not get the scholarship.

a) being applied b) applying c) having applied d) applied

24. ———————- by rain, we took shelter under a tree.

a) driving b) drove c) driven d) none of these

25. He complained of ——————- by the police.

a) having been tortured b) tortured c) torturing d) having tortured


1. is (The actual subject is the state of affairs, and not affairs.)
2. live
3. was (The actual subject is the introduction of reforms, and not reforms.)
4. wins
5. had
6. for
7. ago
8. enough
9. would
10. unless
11. than
12. as
13. though
14. as
15. that
16. so as
17. arrive
18. had been seeing
19. drinks
20. have been (The actual subject is players and not Ram.)
21. has been
22. die
23. having applied
24. driven
25. having been tortured

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