Integrated Grammar Practice Test For Class 9

This integrated grammar practice test is designed for students of classes 9 and 10. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word or phrase.

1. One day scientists will —————– find a cure for cancer.

a) Can
b) be able to
c) been able to
d) have been able to

2. What have you —————— to find out?

a) been able
b) able
c) were able
d) had been

3. I am interested in —————— to cook.

a) to learn
b) learning
c) to learning
d) learn

4. You don’t look happy —————— me.

a) to see
b) to seeing
c) in seeing
d) at seeing

5. That dress is new, ——————-?

a) isn’t it?
b) aren’t they
c) doesn’t it
d) won’t it

6. It was —————– that I could hardly work.

a) so warm a day
b) a so warm day
c) so warm day
d) none of these

7. I don’t know why they decided to split. They were ————- in love with each other.

a) mad
b) madly
c) badly
d) madden

8. She was —————- injured in the crash.

a) fatally
b) fatal
c) deadly
d) deathly

9. You can speak —————–. I won’t tell anyone what you say.

a) free
b) freely
c) with freedom
d) none of these

10. I very much enjoy ————-

a) swimming
b) to swim
c) swim
d) to swimming

11. She would never —————— if she hadn’t changed jobs.

a) had been promoted
b) have been promoted
c) have promoted
d) had promoted

12. I don’t trust politicians. I never have, and I ——————–.

a) will never
b) never will
c) never does
d) never would

13. I am going to do my exams, and ——————– I am going to study medicine.

a) after
b) afterwards
c) afterward
d) later

14. I expected to fail the exam, but I passed ————-

a) at all
b) finally
c) after all
d) nevertheless

15. When I was ——————- I was working.

a) at your age
b) your age
c) of your age
d) at the age of you

Answers with explanations

1. be able to
2. been able
3. learning (The adjective interested is followed by in + noun/-ing form.)
4. to see (Some adjectives are followed by infinitives. Happy is one of them.)
5. isn’t it?
6. so warm a day
7. madly
8. fatally (Deadly is an adjective and it means fatal. The adverb for this meaning is fatally.)
9. freely (Free means without payment. Freely means without restriction.)
10. swimming (The verb enjoy can be followed by a noun/pronoun/-ing form. It cannot be followed by an infinitive.)
11. have been promoted (The sentence is in the type three conditional. Here we use a past perfect in the if-clause and would have + past participle in the result clause.)
12. never will (parallel structure)
13. afterwards
14. after all
15. your age (The structure is/am/are etc. + … age is used without a preposition.)

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