Class 10 Integrated Grammar Practice Exercise

Test your understanding of English grammar rules with this integrated grammar practice test. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word or phrase.

1. Alice isn’t here today. Mary isn’t here —————–

a) either
b) neither
c) also
d) too

2. He often comes and ————— the evening with us.

a) spend
b) spends
c) spending
d) to spend

3. We didn’t have —————– trouble going through the customs.

a) some
b) any
c) enough
d) too

4. Move the books ——————– that chair and sit down.

a) of
b) off
c) from
d) above

5. She died on —————- after the accident.

a) a Tuesday
b) the Tuesday
c) Tuesday
d) Coming Tuesday

6. We need as ——————– people as possible.

a) many
b) much
c) most
d) enough

7. Nobody knows the reason ——————- the accident.

a) for
b) of
c) with
d) to

8. The meeting was held ——————–.

a) on Tuesday
b) in Tuesday
c) at Tuesday
d) with Tuesday

9. He died ———————–.

a) before two weeks
b) two weeks before
c) two weeks ago
d) two weeks past

10. He tripped —————– the cat and fell downstairs.

a) over
b) at
c) on
d) by
Answers with explanations

1. either (After mentioning a negative idea or fact, we can add another negative point by using not … either.)
2. spends (parallel structures)
3. any (Any suggests an indefinite quantity or number. It is often used in questions and negative clauses.)
4. off
5. the Tuesday (To refer to any particular day, we use the article ‘the’.)
6. many (Many is used before countable nouns. Much is used for uncountable nouns.)
7. for
8. On Tuesday
9. two weeks ago
10. over

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