Reported Speech Exercise For Class 8

Change into reported speech. You can learn about the rules of reported speech here.

1. The mother said to the son, ‘Learn your lessons carefully.’

2. ‘Do you know where the railway station is?’ the traveller asked the boy.

3. ‘I have done my homework,’ said Rahul.

4. ‘Oh! No! I forgot to lock the door,’ she said.

5. ‘We must start now,’ said the commander.

6. ‘What are you doing there?’ the constable asked the man.

7. ‘Why are you crying?’ the mother asked the boy.

8. ‘Where did you put the books?’ teacher said to me.

9. ‘The plane is about to take off. Fasten your seat belts,’ said the air hostess.

10. ‘I have lost my purse,’ the passenger said to the driver.

11. ‘I don’t want to go,’ she said.

12. ‘Why were you absent yesterday?’ the teacher asked the student.


1. The mother advised her son to learn his lessons carefully.

2. The traveller asked the boy if / whether he knew where the railway station was.

3. Rahul said that he had done his homework.

4. She cried / exclaimed that she had forgotten to lock the door.

5. The commander said that they had to start then.

6. The constable asked the man what he was doing there.

7. The mother asked the boy why he was crying.

8. The teacher asked me where I had put the books.

9. The air hostess said that the plane was about to take off and asked the passengers to fasten their seat belts.

10. ‘The passenger told the driver that he/she had lost his/her purse.

11. She said that she didn’t want to go.

12. The teacher asked the student why he/she had been absent the previous day. 

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