Formation Of Questions | Class 7 Grammar Worksheet

Form questions from the following sentences so that you get the italicized words as the answer.

1. I paid 600 rupees for this shirt.

2. The new shirt cost me 900 rupees.

3. The teacher asked Rahim to stand up.

4. Janet waited for two hours.

5. The cat drank the milk.

6. Suma has bought the tickets.

7. The meeting will begin at 4 o’clock.

8. The children are playing upstairs.

9. I ate two apples yesterday.

10. She wants to be an architect.

11. I gave Raghu my phone number.

12. I consulted an advocate.

13. He is 12 years old.

14. I am going to the temple.

15. I bought some apples from the market.

16. I took two hours to solve the puzzle.

17. The classes will begin in June.

18. She earns 3000 rupees a week.

19. I waited for him for two hours.

20. I met an old friend of mine yesterday.


1. How much did you pay for this shirt? (If the given statement is in the simple past tense, use did in the question.)

2. How much did the new shirt cost you?

3. The teacher asked whom to stand up?

4. For how long did Janet wait? / For how many hours did Janet wait?

5. What did the cat drink?

6. Who has bought the tickets?

7. When will the meeting begin?

8. Where are the children playing?

9. How many apples did you eat yesterday?

10. What does she want to be?

11. To whom did you give your phone number?

12. Whom did you consult?

13. How old is he?

14. Where are you going?

15. What did you buy from the market?

16. How many hours did you take to solve the puzzle?

17. When will the classes begin?

18. How much does she earn a week? (When the given statement is in the simple present tense, use do or does in the question; use do with plural subjects; use does with singular subjects.)

19. For how long did you wait for him? / For how many hours did you wait for him?

20. Whom did you meet yesterday?


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