Change Statements Into Questions | Class 6 Grammar Worksheet

It is easy to transform a statement into a question. We only have to put the auxiliary verb before the subject. An example is given below.

  • She is a pretty girl. (Statement)
  • Is she a pretty girl? (Question)

When the given statement is in the simple present tense, we make questions with do and does.

  • She lives here. (Statement)
  • Does she live here? (Question)
  • They work very hard. (Statement)
  • Do they work hard? (Question)

We use do when the subject is a plural noun or pronoun. We use does when the subject is a singular noun or pronoun.

In the simple past tense, we make questions with did.

  • She passed the test. (Statement)
  • Did she pass the test? (Question)

After do, does and did, use the first form of the verb (v1)

  • Does she remember you? (NOT Does she remembers you?) (NOT Does she remembered you?)

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Transformation of statements into questions | Worksheet 1

1. Amar has bought a car.

2. She read an interesting book yesterday.

3. He was washing the car when they came.

4. Jack has brought an interesting book from the library.

5. My sister has won a prize.

6. This book is full of beautiful pictures.

7. There is no water left in the bottle.

8. Her mother has bought a nice gift for her.

9. Bengal is known for its sweets.

10. Diana has gone to the market.

11. He had a strange experience yesterday.

12. They went on a picnic last week.

13. My sister writes stories.

14. My grandparents live with my uncle.

15. She earns a six figure salary.

16. My mother makes delicious cakes.

17. It was an unforgettable experience.

18. The sun gives us heat and light.


1. Has Amar bought a car?

2. Did she read an interesting book yesterday?

3. Was he washing the car when they came?

4. Has Jack brought an interesting book from the library?

5. Has my sister won a prize?

6. Is this book full of beautiful pictures?

7. Is there any water left in the bottle?

8. Has her mother bought a nice gift for her?

9. Is Bengal known for its sweets?

10. Has Diana gone to the market?

11. Did he have a strange experience yesterday?

12. Did they go on a picnic last week?

13. Does my sister write stories?

14. Do my grandparents live with my uncle?

15. Does she earn a six figure salary?

16. Does my mother make delicious cakes?

17. Was it an unforgettable experience?

18. Does the sun give us heat and light?

Transformation of statements into questions worksheet 2

1. He knows you.

2. She got all the answers correct.

3. Somebody wanted a drink.

4. They shouted at me.

5. She takes care of a lot of stray animals.

6. Manjari lives across the street

7. Her brother works in a bank.

8. Soman wants to become an architect.

9. Priyanka has bought a new apartment.

10. He enjoys volunteering for various causes.

11. Dronacharya loved Arjuna more than his own son.

12. Snakes live in holes.

13. Frogs eat insects.

14. Cows give milk.

15. Not all birds can sing.


1. Does he know you?

2. Did she get all the answers correct?

3. Did anybody want a drink? (Somebody becomes anybody in questions.)

4. Did they shout at me?

5. Does she take care of a lot of stray animals?

6. Does Manjari live across the street?

7. Does her brother work in a bank?

8. Does Soman want to become an architect?

9. Has Priyanka bought a new apartment?

10. Does he enjoy volunteering for various causes?

11. Did Dronacharya love Arjuna more than his own son?

12. Do snakes live in holes?

13. Do frogs eat insects?

14. Do cows give milk?

15. Can all birds sing?

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