Transformation Of Sentences | Class 6 Grammar Worksheets

It is possible to change the form of a sentence without changing its meaning.

Transformation of sentences exercise for class 6

Rewrite the following sentences are directed.

1. How I wish I had a pet dog! (Change into declarative sentence)

2. The boy complained to the teacher. (Change into interrogative)

3. Have we received any letter from them? (Change into declarative)

4. She is very beautiful. (Change into exclamatory)

5. She is very generous. (Change into exclamatory)

6. It is a big house. (Change into exclamatory)

7. The clothes must be washed. (Imperative)

8. The show was interesting. (Change into exclamatory)

9. The door must be shut. (Change into imperative)

10. It was a brilliant idea. (Change into exclamatory)


1. I wish I had a pet dog.

2. Did the boy complain to the teacher?

3. We have received letters from them. / We have not received any letter from them.

4. How beautiful she is!

5. How generous she is!

6. What a big house it is!

7. Wash the clothes.

8. What an interesting show it was!

9. Shut the door.

10. What a brilliant idea it is!

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    I hope u got my message and I was so happy with this thing and it is excellent I have a question
    hi Manjusha Nambiar are you only one in this blog of English or any other

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    and I have a question in 3rd one can we write:-we have received a letter from them.
    pls answer my question

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  5. Ananya says:

    My question is that which type of sentence will this be? Can you please pass me the book on the table imperative or interrogative

    • Manjusha says:

      It is interrogative.
      Can you please pass me the book on the table? (Interrogative)
      Please pass me the book on the table. (Imperative)

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    Veey good questions and a very much of problems . This gives us a much more experience

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    can you say what are the type of sentences

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