Unscramble Sentences | Class 6 English Grammar Worksheets

Rearrange the words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences. Then write D for declarative, Im for imperative, E for exclamatory and I for interrogative. Punctuate the sentences correctly.

Unscramble sentences worksheet

1. drive do so carelessly not

2. with do work sincerity your

3. woman a rich lives the street across

4. fly birds in winter south

5. day what warm it was a

6. watched a more never interesting movie have I

7. your please work Friday before submit

8. the wound an antiseptic wash lotion with immediately

9. the their children for exams are preparing

10. somebody broken has window another

11. door who has the open left

12. hiding where the cat is


1. Do not drive so carelessly. (Imperative)

2. Do your work with sincerity. (Imperative)

3. A rich woman lives across the street. (Declarative)

4. Birds fly south in winter. (Declarative)

5. What a warm day it was! (Exclamatory)

6. I have never watched a more interesting movie. (Declarative)

7. Please submit your work before Friday. (Imperative)

8. Wash the wound with an antiseptic lotion immediately. (Imperative)

9. The children are preparing for their exams. (Declarative)

10. Somebody has broken another window. (Declarative)

11. Who has left the door open? (Interrogative)

12. Where is the cat hiding? (Interrogative)

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