Transformation Of Sentences Worksheet For Class 6

We can change the form of a sentence without changing its meaning. This is called transformation of sentences.

Rewrite the following sentences as directed.

1. How I wish I had a little sister! (Change into a declarative sentence)

2. The teacher asked the boys to meet her. (Change into interrogative)

3. Has she passed the test? (Change into a declarative sentence)

4. The movie was quite boring. (Change into exclamatory)

5. The room must be cleaned properly. (Change into imperative)

6. You should respect your parents. (Change into imperative)

7. Everyone congratulated the winners. (Change into interrogative)

8. It was a brilliant idea. (Change into exclamatory)

9. Everyone should be informed. (Change into imperative)

10. They were anxious to leave. (Change into interrogative)

11. What a miraculous escape! (Change into declarative)

12. She does not have a job. (Change into interrogative)

13. All doors and windows should be cleaned. (Change into imperative)

14. The elderly should be respected. (Change into imperative)

15. The poor must be helped. (Imperative)

16. She loves animals. (Change into interrogative)

17. It was a beautiful sight. (Change into exclamatory)

18. She volunteers at a charitable institution. (Change into interrogative)

19. How disgusting! (Change into declarative)

20. It was a shameless act. (Change into exclamatory)


1. I wish I had a little sister.

2. Did the teacher ask the boys to meet her?

3. She has passed the test.

4. How boring the movie was!

5. Clean the room properly.

6. Respect your parents.

7. Did everyone congratulate the winners? 8. What a brilliant idea it was!

9. Inform everyone.

10. Were they anxious to leave?

11. It was a miraculous escape.

12. Does she have a job?

13. Clean all doors and windows.

14. Respect the elderly.

15. Help the poor.

16. Does she love animals?

17. What a beautiful sight it was!

18. Does she volunteer at a charitable institution?

19. It is very disgusting.

20. What a shameless act it was!

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