Transformation of assertive sentences into exclamatory sentences | CBSE class 6 grammar worksheets

Change the following assertive sentences into exclamatory sentences.

1. You are very slow.

2. She is very beautiful.

3. They are very happy here.

4. It was a very marvelous sight.

5. This is a very moving story.

6. I am very fortunate.

7. It was a very difficult puzzle.

8. They are very excited about the journey.

9. I was very surprised when I heard the news.

10. It was a very hot day.


1. How slow you are!

2. How beautiful she is!

3. How happy they are here!

4. What a marvelous sight it was!

5. What a moving story this is!

6. How fortunate I am!

7. What a difficult puzzle it was!

8. How excited they are about the journey!

9. How surprised I was when I heard the news!

10. What a hot day it was!

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