Transformation Of An Exclamatory Sentence Into An Assertive Sentence

Change the exclamatory sentences into assertive sentences. You can learn more about transformation of sentences here.

1. What a brilliant idea it is!

2. How clever she is!

3. How disgusting!

4. Such a terrible experience!

5. How beautifully she sings!

6. How careless of him to do a thing like that!

7. Such a disgraceful act!

8. What a marvelous performance it was!

9. How cold it is!

10. How beautiful she is!

11. What an unforgettable experience!

12. What a big city New York is!

13. How kind of you to help them!

14. How shameless of him to behave like that!


1. It is a brilliant idea.

2. She is very clever.

3. It is disgusting.

4. It is / was a terrible experience.

5. She sings very beautifully.

6. It was / is careless of him to do a thing like that.

7. It was / is a disgraceful act.

8. It was / is a marvelous performance.

9. It is very cold.

10. She is very beautiful.

11. It was / is an unforgettable experience.

12. New York is a very big city.

13. It was / is kind of you to help him.

14. It is / was shameless of him to behave like that.


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