Change into exclamatory | Class 5 grammar worksheets

Change the following declarative sentences into exclamatory sentences.

1. These flowers smell very sweet.

2. Martin is a very intelligent boy.

3. Supriya is very intelligent.

4. It is a terrible experience.

5. He has very good manners.

6. The Taj Mahal is a magnificent building.

7. This is a very busy street.

8. It was a terrible mistake.

9. The place is very clean.

10. It is a very big playground.

11. It was a strange experience.

12. It was a brilliant performance.


1. How sweet these flowers smell!

2. What an intelligent boy Martin is!

3. How intelligent Supriya is!

4. What a terrible experience it is!

5. What good manners he has!

6. What a magnificent building the Taj Mahal is!

7. What a busy street it is!

8. What a terrible mistake it was!

9. How clean the place is!

10. What a big playground it is!

11. What a strange experience it was!

12. What a brilliant performance it was!


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