Change The Order Of Words To Make Meaningful Sentences | Class 8 English Grammar Worksheets

Change the order of words to make meaningful sentences.

1. the integrity of a depends upon building a foundation sound

2. from man’s intellect him the beasts distinguishes

3. the dictator the intellectuals jailed the of country

4. an intelligent careful would have person been more

5. the power old car insufficient to up the hill has get

6. inform the police his legal must the prisoner of rights.

7. found witchcraft information on the library can be at

8. the magician’s not even could out clever figure experts escape

9. the hurricane on severe damage inflicted the island

10. the collector the butterflies pins before on impaled framing them


1. The integrity of a building depends upon a sound foundation.

2. Man’s intellect distinguishes him from the beasts.

3. The dictator jailed the intellectuals of the country.

4. An intelligent person would have been more careful.

5. The old car has insufficient power to get up the hill.

6. The police must inform the prisoner of his legal rights.

7. Information on witchcraft can be found at the library.

8. Not even experts could figure out the magician’s clever escape.

9. The hurricane inflicted severe damage on the island.

10. The collector impaled the butterflies on pins before framing them.

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