Make Meaningful Sentences By Rearranging Words | Class 10 English Grammar Worksheets

Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentences.

Class 10 English Grammar Worksheets

1. many Bavarians themselves speaking on their pride and rustic way of rude

2. dawn getting up at is of his daily part routine

3. the until distraught man raving he was led kept away finally

4. he were rapped the his knuckles tabletop until they sore with

5. for a, you two will get punishment allowance for weeks no

6. he a philanthropist who true charity away gave millions to was

7. when doesn’t way, he quite can be get petulant he his

8. a bad some people a black cat’s one’s path is believe omen crossing

9. omen let’s weather is a good for our vacation hope this glorious

10. ominous the boat clouds caused to head toward black the harbour us


1. Many Bavarians pride themselves on their rude and rustic way of speaking.

2. Getting up at dawn is part of his daily routine.

3. The distraught man kept raving until finally he was led away.

4. He rapped the tabletop with his knuckles until they were sore.

5. For a punishment, you will get no allowance for two weeks.

6. He was a true philanthropist who gave away millions to charity.

7. When he doesn’t get his way, he can be quite petulant.

8. Some people believe a black cat’s crossing one’s path is a bad omen.

9. Let’s hope this glorious weather is a good omen for our vacation.

10. Ominous black clouds caused us to head the boat toward the harbour.

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