Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentences | Class 9 and 10 grammar worksheets

Arrange the words in the correct order to form meaningful sentences.

1. Malala was by the threats issued by nature on her as she was not deterred courageous

2. his medication mother advised to take without Rohan fail

3. my brother to play little all day likes long

4. Hari his to the airport week to last receive brother went

5. holding in her hand she into the a letter ran room

6. lend Mahima requested a pen brother to her her

7. the teacher us to assignment complete the go before wants we home

8. you think have made a I mistake that.

9. are the streets our cities noted for of their some of crookedness

10. the farmer has the corn is which ripened cutting.


1. Malala was not deterred by the threats issued on her as she was courageous by nature.

2. Mother advised Rohan to take his medication without fail.

3. My little brother likes to play all day long.

4. Hari went to the airport last week to receive his brother.

5. Holding a letter in her hand she ran into the room.

6. Mahima requested her brother to lend her a pen.

7. The teacher wants us to complete the assignment before we go home.

8. I think that you have made a mistake.

9. The streets of some of our cities are noted for their crookedness.

10. The farmer is cutting the corn which has ripened.

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