Change Statements Into Questions | Class 5 Grammar Worksheets

Change the following statements into questions.

It is easy to change statements into questions. If the statement has an auxiliary verb in it, you only have to put the auxiliary verb before the subject to transform that statement into a question.

An example is given below.

  • Rani is reading a book. (Statement)
  • Is Rani reading a book? (Question)

Transformation of an affirmative sentence into an interrogative sentence | Class 5 Grammar Worksheet

1. Raju is coming with us.
2. The trains are running on time.
3. Sabu and Smitha are getting married next month.
4. They have bought a house in the city.
5. She has agreed to come.
6. He can solve this problem.
7. The students are preparing for their exam.
8. Rani is expected to arrive in the afternoon.
9. There is a spider on the roof.
10. The boys are playing in the park.


1. Is Raju coming with us?
2. Are the trains running on time?
3. Are Sabu and Smitha getting married next month?
4. Have they bought a house in the city?
5. Has she agreed to come?
6. Can he solve this problem?
7. Are the students preparing for their exam?
8. Is Rani expected to arrive in the afternoon?
9. Is there a spider on the roof?
10. Are the boys playing in the park?


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