Change statements into questions | Class 5 CBSE grammar worksheets

Change the following statements into questions.

1. He is a teacher.

2. She is coming with us.

3. It is getting darker.

4. The trains were late.

5. The boys are rehearsing for the play.

6. She was waiting for the bus.

7. Supriya can sing well.

8. There are some boys in the garden.

9. He is coming home for Diwali.

10. Raju is waiting for his results.

11. Maya is pressing the clothes.

12. The birds are singing.

13. They are eager to leave.

14. The girls are learning their lessons.

15. I have never been to China.


1. Is he a teacher?

2. Is she coming with us?

3. Is it getting darker?

4. Were the trains late?

5. Are the boys rehearsing for the play?

6. Was she waiting for the bus?

7. Can Supriya sing well?

8. Are there any boys in the garden?

9. Is he coming home for Diwali?

10. Is Raju waiting for his results?

11. Is Maya pressing the clothes?

12. Are the birds singing?

13. Are they eager to leave?

14. Are the girls learning their lessons?

15. Have you ever been to China?


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