Tenses Worksheet For Class 10 CBSE

Complete the following sentences using the correct form of the verb.

1. She —————— him instantly.

a) recognize b) was recognizing c) recognized

2. We couldn’t figure out what he ——————–

a) want b) wanted c) was wanting

3. My son ——————— to be an astronaut.

a) want b) wants c) is wanting

4. I ———————– two hours to solve that puzzle.

a) was taking b) took c) take

5. She ——————- forward to help.

a) come b) comes c) came

6. I ———————- an exciting job offer.

a) received b) have received c) receive

7. I ——————- for his call.

a) wait b) am waiting c) waits

8. She ———————– great pride in her work.

a) take b) takes c) is taking

9. They never ——————– parties.

a) throw b) are throwing c) thrown

10. She never —————– to him.

a) listen b) listens c) is listening


1. She recognized him instantly.

2. We couldn’t figure out what he wanted.

3. My son wants to be an astronaut.

4. I took two hours to solve that puzzle.

5. She came forward to help.

6. I have received an exciting job offer.

7. I am waiting for his call.

8. She takes great pride in her work.

9. They never throw parties.

10. She never listens to him.

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