Same Word Used As Different Part Of Speech Worksheet For Class 7

Same word used as different part of speech worksheet for class 7

Using the words given below as nouns and verbs, write meaningful sentences.

Place (noun)

It was a beautiful place.

Place (verb)

I am going to place an order for that blanket.

I don’t remember where I placed the book.

Vow (noun)

He will never break his vow.

Vow (verb)

He vowed never to mention that topic again.

Harvest (noun)

The crops are ready for harvest.

Harvest (verb)

The farmers harvested their crops.

Pity (noun)

The sage felt pity for the poor mouse.

Pity (verb)

I pity you.

Water (noun)

The water of Ganges is said to have medicinal properties.

Water (verb)

I am going to water the plants.

Request (noun)

He didn’t pay attention to my request.

I have a request.

Request (verb)

He requested for help.

Copy (noun)

Can I have a copy of this book?

Copy (verb)

I copied the answers from the book.

Pay (noun)

The job wasn’t very interesting, but the pay was good.

Pay (verb)

I will pay for my food.

Have you paid for your drinks?

Look (noun)

She had a worried look on her face.

Look (verb)

Look here

He looked at me with suspicion.

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