Sciences | vocabulary

Science Field of study
Psychology Study of the human mind and behavior
Psyche One’s inner or mental life or self image
Psychic Pertaining to the mind
Psychopathy Mental or emotional disturbance
Psychosomatic Describing the interaction of body and mind
Psychoanalysis Psychological treatment
Psychogenic Originating in the mind or emotions
Psychotherapy General term for psychological treatment
Psychopath Person lacking in social conscience
Zoological Pertaining to the science of animals
Botanical Pertaining to the science of plants
Autopsy Dissection of a corpse to determine the cause of death
Biography Story of one’s life written by oneself
Biological Pertaining to the science of all living matter
Geometry Science of the measurement of figures
Geological Pertaining to the science of earth’s composition
Astrophysics Branch of physics dealing with the composition of celestial bodies
Star shaped flower Aster
Very high in number Astronomical
Science of heavenly bodies Astronomy
Astrologer Person who believes that events in our life are influenced by the paths of the sun, the moon and planets
Biopsy Microscopic examination of living tissue
Astronomer Voyager among the stars
Cosmonaut Traveler through the universe
Nautical Pertaining to ships and sailing


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