Sequence Of Tenses Worksheet

Insert the correct form of the verb in the following sentences.

1. Our Holy Books tell us that man —————— mortal.

a) Is
b) Was
c) Will be

2. The teacher asked the boys whether they —————— the problems.

a) Solve
b) Have solved
c) Had solved

3. He spoke so fast that I ——————- not follow him.

a) Can
b) Could

4. His health has improved since he ——————– from the hills.

a) Return
b) Returned
c) Would return

5. He kept quite that he ——————— please me.

a) May
b) Might
c) Will

6. Who told you that goats —————– on grass?

a) Live
b) Lived
c) Had lived

7. He said that he ——————– not believe it even if he saw it with his own eyes.

a) Will
b) Would
c) Might


1. Is
2. Had solved
3. Could
4. Returned
5. Might
6. Live
7. Would


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