Simple Past vs. Past Perfect Tense Worksheet For Class 10

Complete the following sentences using the simple past and past perfect tense forms of the verb.

1. I —————————– (realize) that we —————————- (meet) before.

2. She —————————— (leave) before I —————————– (reach) her place.

3. I ————————- (tell) him that I ————————– (finish).

4. I —————————– (think) that I —————————— (invite) him.

5. I —————————– (wonder) if she ———————— (receive) my invite.

6. I —————————- (send) all the letters before I ———————— (go) home.

7. After he ————————— (finish) his studies he —————————- (go) abroad.

8. The patient ————————— (die) before he ————————– (bring) to the hospital.

9. She ————————– (take) the money and ————————- (leave).

10. When I ——————————- (write) to her she ————————- (come) at once.


1. I realized that we had met before.

2. She had left before I reached her place.

3. I told him that I had finished.

4. I thought that I had invited him.

5. I wondered if she had received my invite.

6. I sent / had sent all the letters before I went home.

7. After he finished / had finished his studies he went abroad.

8. The patient had died before he was brought to the hospital.

9. She took the money and left.

10. When I wrote to her she came at once.

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