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In sentences with since, we normally use present perfect and past perfect tenses in the main clause.

  • I met him ten years ago and have admired him ever since.
  • We haven’t met since her marriage.
  • They have known each other since 1975.
  • We had been friends since university days.

Present and past tenses are also occasionally used. This often happens in the structure It is/was … since …

  • It is just a week since we arrived here.
  • It was ages since our last game of tennis. (OR It had been ages since our last game of tennis.)

Tenses in since-clauses

Since can introduce its own clause. The tense in the since-clause can be perfect or past, depending on the meaning.

  • I have known her since we were at school together.
  • I have known her since I have lived in this street.

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