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To spill the beans is to reveal a secret unintentionally. This informal idiom is very common in American English. This expression has been in use since early twentieth century.

  • I didn’t want anyone to know about my engagement to Susie, but my sister spilled the beans. (= My sister unintentionally revealed the secret.)
  • When he refused to marry her, she threatened to spill the beans about their affair with his wife.
  • I want the party to be a secret. Please don’t spill the beans.

The idiom let the cat out of the bag has a similar meaning.


What does the following sentence mean?

He didn’t want his parents to find out that he was in a relationship with his colleague, but his roommate spilled the beans.

  1. His roommate intentionally told his parents that he was in a relationship with his colleague.
  2. His roommate unintentionally revealed that he was in a relationship with his colleague
  3. His roommate didn’t reveal any secret.


Option 2

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