Story Writing Activity For Classes 5 and 6

This writing activity is meant for students of classes 5 and 6.

Story writing allows students to give wings to their imagination and develop their writing skills. Some points will be given and students will be required to write a story in complete sentences. They are free to add extra details provided that the final story stay true to the given points.

The the following task appeared in a recent Class 5 CBSE exam.

Story writing activity for class 5

Develop the following points into a readable story. (6 marks)

I was going for a walk ………….. Get a purse ………………. Contains a lot of money ……………. Address of the owner from the diary …………… goes in search of the owner …………… hands over …………….. rewarded.


One day I was a going for a walk. The sun was about to set and there weren’t many people in the streets. As I was walking down the road, I saw something lying near a big piece of rock. I bent down to pick it up. It was a purse and it contained a lot of money. I looked around. Nobody was there. I wanted to keep the money. I knew no one had seen me picking up the purse. So why couldn’t I keep it? But then I thought about the poor man or woman who lost it. Maybe it was the money they borrowed from a bank to marry off their daughter. Or it could be the money they need to pay for a dear one’s hospital bills. When such thoughts crossed my mind, I lost the desire to take the money. I realized that it was cruel. Also it was immoral. It was not my money so how could I take it? I felt that I must find the owner of the purse and hand it over to them. So, I searched the purse and I found a diary in it. I opened the diary and luckily it had the complete address of its owner. I returned home and told everything to my parents. Together we went in search of the owner and handed over the purse and its belongings to him. I had guessed it right. The owner of the purse had borrowed the money for his daughter’s marriage. He was very sad when he lost the purse and was hoping that some kind soul would find it and return it. When we reached his home and told him that we had found his lost purse, his joy knew no bounds. He thanked us profusely and as a token of appreciation rewarded me with a nice gift. I was a bit hesitant to accept the gift but then my parents told me that I deserved it.

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