Subject -Verb Worksheet For Class 4 Students

Match the subjects with suitable predicates. Then write the sentences.


1. The students

2. The girl

3. Father

4. The dog

5. It

6. The girls

7. The boys

8. Mother

9. The teacher

10. The children

11. Mohan

12. The birds

13. Simran

14. Mother


is waiting for her mother.

are learning their lessons.

wagged its tail happily.

has agreed to come.

is going to rain.

played football.

wants to be an actor.

are dancing.

is helping me with homework.

scolded the boys.

are singing merrily.

works in a bank.

played for hours.

is writing a story.


1. The students are learning their lessons.
2. The girl is waiting for her mother.
3. Father has agreed to come.
4. The dog wagged its tail happily.
5. It is going to rain.
6. The girls are dancing.
7. The boys played football.
8. Mother is helping me with homework.
9. The teacher scolded the boys.
10. The children played for hours.
11. Mohan is writing a story.
12. The birds are singing merrily.
13. Simran wants to be an actor.
14. Mother works in a bank.

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