Jumbled Words Worksheet For Class 5

The words in the following sentences are jumbled. Write them in the correct order.

1. at the alone home was boy

2. we the saw behind curtain something moving

3. for I had and curd lunch rice

4. Rahul to out to with his play friends wants go

5. her Monica is quite happy with results

6. Supriya the quiz prize in the competition won first

7. than there in were 20 students the class fewer

8. the teacher submit them to their by Friday told assignments

9. opened when the window, the jumped out cat I

10. I or don’t his name address remember

11. her the girl to see parents happy was

12. the tail dog wagged happily its


1. The boy was alone at home.

2. We saw something moving behind the curtain.

3. I had rice and curd for lunch.

4. Rahul wants to go out to play with his friends.

5. Monica is quite happy with her results.

6. Supriya won the first prize in the quiz competition.

7. There were fewer than 20 students in the class.

8. The teacher told them to submit their assignments by Friday.

9. When I opened the window, the cat jumped out.

10. I don’t remember his name or address.

11. The girl was happy to see her parents.

12. The dog wagged its tail happily.

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