Rearrange Jumbled Words To Make Meaningful Sentences | Class 7 English Grammar Worksheet

Change the order of words to make meaningful sentences. This grammar worksheet is for students of classes 7 and 8.

1. he screwed to his own the facts purposes suit

2. the little loves to child sift a screen through sand

3. the of script delivered to the was ahead the schedule director

4. he is person no scruples profit when it a greedy to making a comes with

5. the across the hot toward the scurried sand bathers water

6. the storekeeper a scoop to the dry in a bag used put beans

7. he searched the looking for a of poetry volume particular bookstores

8. we for cover scrambled against the rain sudden

9. he was the of person needed for the type scarcely job

10. criminals said to the scene of to crime return are


1. He screwed the facts to suit his own purposes.

2. The little child loves to sift sand through a screen.

3. The script was delivered to the director ahead of the schedule.

4. He is a greedy person with no scruples when it comes to making a profit.

5. The bathers scurried across the hot sand toward the water.

6. The storekeeper used a scoop to put the dry beans in a bag.

7. He searched the bookstores looking for a particular volume of poetry.

8. We scrambled for cover against the sudden rain.

9. He was scarcely the type of person needed for the job.

10. Criminals are said to return to the scene of crime.

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