Jumbled Words Worksheet For Class 5 CBSE

The words in the sentences are jumbled. Write them in order.

1. could I neither nor see anything hear.

2. day, I going one towards was my boat.

3. on I the sand footprint saw of a man the.

4. could I not find other footprint any.

5. I was I mistaken thought.

6. I out couldn’t how came find there it.

7. it when I my cave, I ran reached into.

8. I faster any other than animal ran could.

9. I protection lay for many days and fearful prayed for

10. decided down to the to go shore I again


1. I could neither hear nor see anything.

2. One day, I was going towards my boat.

3. I saw the footprint of a man on the sand.

4. I could not find any other footprint.

5. I thought I was mistaken.

6. I couldn’t find out how it came there.

7. When I reached my cave, I ran into it.

8. I ran faster than any other animal could.

9. I lay fearful for many days and prayed for protection.

10. I decided to go down to the shore again.


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