Talk about your Plans | English Speaking Lessons

Use the expression I am going to….. to talk about a plan you are sure of.

English speaking lessons | Talking about plans in English
  • I am going to marry Janaki.
  • I am going to apply for that job.
  • I am going to work harder.
  • I am going to buy a new car.
  • I am going to get my eyes examined.
  • I am going to invest in real estate.
  • I am going to start a new project.

Use the expression Are you going to….? to ask someone about their plan.

  • Are you going to invite Ravi to your party?
  • Are you going to apply for that job?
  • Are you going to visit your native place in April?
  • Are you going to meet your cousins when you are in London?
  • Are you going to try again?
  • Are you going to spend the evening at home?

Use the expression I hope to… to talk about something you would like to do but you are not sure of.

  • I hope to get the first rank.
  • I hope to meet Rahul at the party.
  • I hope to get a promotion soon.
  • I hope to find a good job soon.
  • I hope to get a visa.

To talk about something that is only possible, use the expression I might…

  • I might watch a movie in the evening.
  • I might see Rashmi at the party.
  • I might visit my parents on the weekend.
  • I might buy a new car.

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