The Best Apps for Learning English

Apps are a fantastic tool to practice English. These apps are quick, simple to use, and entertaining. It almost seems as if you had a small school on your smartphone, ready to use anytime you are curious or get some spare time. And, while apps cannot substitute a real-life instructor, they may be valuable additions to traditional English sessions. Many of them provide games for learning vocabulary, grammatical, fairy tales, and audio files.

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 Which are the best apps to learn English 2021?

 1. Duolingo

We are sure you have heard about the most common languages app on the planet! However, are you aware that 34 hrs of Duolingo is equivalent to a one-degree course of language classes at a college?

Another of the factors it’s so famous for is the scoreboard challenge, in which you are playing against other actual players. It seems like a competition, with stages to gain and virtual currency to achieve, and you’re also discovering new vocabulary or grammatical frameworks. It is never more enjoyable – or addicting – to learn English. The app is for both Android and iOS.

2. Quiz your English

This app will become your absolute favorite application if you are studying for a test. Cambridge Assessment English created it, so there are stages tailored to the IELTS and Cambridge B2 First exams. Although one can anticipate seeing the exact words and grammar in the basic stuff, especially if you are preparing for a Cambridge test, engaging in the application can bring some light respite after some hard work. You may even compete with your relatives and friends!

3. 6000 words

Whenever it comes to improving your vocab, the most straightforward approach is frequently the most effective! FunEasyLearn has produced a fun program that allows text and visuals to assist you in learning words. The application has around 6000 linguistic elements that are organized into categories. They address apparent topics like sports and cooking. However, the sub-topics are as particular as soccer, dental, minerals, and vital organs, resulting in complex vocabulary.

4. Beelingu

This story-telling software is great for reading practice. It was brilliantly built to convey a tale in bilinguals at the same time. You study in English initially, then verify in your native tongue. After that, you may take time to read it at the same pace as the singalong text. There is a wide range of information to pick from, from kid’s classics and famous tales to technology and science pieces. Reading in English has just been a whole lot more entertaining!

5.  HelloTalk

Do you not have an excellent speaking partner? It is no issue! HelloTalk is a free program that allows you to communicate with over 15 million people. This implies you will almost certainly find an English Native expert to tutor you. Only one catch is that you must educate them in your native language in exchange – it is a linguistic trade. Do not worry if you are too nervous about recording a video chat. There are also textual and audio recording options, as well as translating and pronouncing tools.

6.  Grammarly

There are several applications available that might assist you in improving your writing skills. And others, such as HelloTalk, will even put you in touch with a linguist. Grammarly, on the other hand, is the best choice if you need immediate repairs. This checks for errors and explains what went wrong so you don’t repeat the same mistake. Install the keypad on your smartphone and use it to double-check your grammar everywhere you go. Do you want to come out as more sophisticated? Grammarly also evaluates your tone, ensuring that you never write an unprofessional email again! The app is available for both Android and iOS, however, don’t forget the VPN app for Android and iOS! It will maintain your cybersecurity and provide data privacy.

7.  BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English has a propensity for being somewhat odd, and its English learning application is no exception! However, the little daily lecture, which requires just 3 mins to view, is our absolute favorite aspect of this program. Learn some new vocab, hear news items, and put your English skills to the test.

8.    Babbel

It is another well-liked language application, and with valid reason: it is incredibly successful at teaching fundamental communicative abilities. Babbel focuses on vocabulary instead of merely remembering words to have a greater understanding of English. In addition, because the courses are organized into real-world issues, you will start having understandable discussions sooner.

9.   Memrise

 It focuses primarily on learning English words. However, it is unique in that it employs humor to aid in memorizing the vocabulary in question. When something is amusing, you will almost certainly remember it longer. Memrise lessons are also produced and developed by other Memrise members, making it a pleasant and authentic experience.


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