Useful Phrases For Making And Changing Appointments

Making appointments

Before you can meet people, you will usually need to set a date and time. While making appointments, you should opt for a time convenient for both of you. Here are a few phrases that you can use while asking people to meet.

  • Are you free tomorrow?
  • Can we meet on the 26th?
  • Are you available tomorrow?
  • Are you available next Monday?
  • Are you free this evening?
  • What about the 15th of this month? Would it suit you?
  • Is next Monday convenient for you?
  • Can we meet sometime next week?

Agreeing on a date

  • Yes, I’m free tomorrow.
  • Yes, we can meet on the 26th.
  • Yes, next Monday is fine.
  • No problem, we can meet tomorrow.

Suggesting a different date

Here are a few phrases that you can use to suggest a different date for the meeting.

  • I’m afraid I can’t make it on the 16th. Can we meet on the 17th or 18th?
  • Monday isn’t quite convenient for me. Could we meet on Tuesday instead?
  • 15th is going to be a little difficult. Can’t we meet on the 16th?

Changing the arrangement

Here is how to make changes to an arrangement you have already made.

  • You know we had agreed to meet on the 15th? Well, I’m really sorry. I can’t make it after all. Some urgent business has come up. Can we fix another date?
  • Some urgent business has suddenly cropped up and I won’t be able to meet you tomorrow. Can we fix another time?

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