Was And Were

The forms is, am and are are used in the present tense; was and were are used in the past tense.

Was and were are used in the past tense.

Use was when the subject is a singular noun or a singular pronoun like I, he, she or it.

  • I was waiting for his call.
  • He was busy with his work.
  • She was angry with her husband.
  • It was raining.
  • The boy was solving the sum.
  • The girl was dancing.
  • The bird was singing.

Use were when the subject is a plural noun or a plural pronoun like you, we and they.

  • You were sleeping then.
  • They were having a lot of fun.
  • We were waiting for them.
  • The birds were singing.
  • The boys were playing.
  • The girls were dancing.

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