Why Phrasal Verbs Are Quite Tricky To Learn?

Have you ever thought about why phrasal verbs seem quite tricky to learn? Phrasal verbs are regarded as being a significant aspect of the English language. You have landed at the right place. Here, we are going to put light on it.

Because Of Different Meaning –

The best thing is that phrasal verbs are quite different in meaning. They can create misunderstandings. The best thing is that phrasal verbs do come up with combined basic words indeed. If you go with a phrasal verb called “Turn Down”, it means “Rejecting” something. “Turn” and “Down” are some of the highly common words used in English.

But when they are put together, they create a new meaning. It is quite frustrating since you can go with your basic knowledge to get a hint at what could be the meaning of a phrasal verb. You should go through different Sentences to understand how they have been used.

Phrasal Verbs Do Not Seem Logical –

Phrasal Verbs are not regarded as logical indeed. When you learn, you would like to understand the logic or rule that has been used behind a phrasal verb. You might be wondering why it is called TURN DOWN when it comes to “Reject” something. Why not go with another phrase such as Turn Off or Turn Away to reject?

To put it in simple words, there is no satisfying answer to this question. It could be because the word DOWN in the phrase comes up with a slightly negative meaning.

You should not put your efforts into understanding them logically. But try to understand that in what context they have been used. And this is another reason which makes this phrasal verb a bit difficult to learn.

A Bit Tricky To Memorize –

Phrasal verbs are a bit tricky to memorize. Therefore, people think that they are tricky to learn. While learning you may get confused finding that same phrasal verbs could have a different meaning. This thing gives you a lot to memorize. We can also use your Turn Down in other contexts as well like To Decrease.

For example, please turn down the TV as it is quite loud. It means it is being talked about reducing the volume. There is a wide array of phrasal verbs available which you could use quite often in everyday speaking. If you think that you may master it quite often then you are wrong. Yes, it takes a lot of time as well as effort. You need to have the patience to master it.

If You Hold Basic Knowledge Of Grammar, It Makes It Easy to Learn –

If you are aware of the grammar rules, it becomes quite easy and simple for you to learn them. We know that everyone does not get excited to learn grammar. But you must know at least some grammar as it could be quite helpful in the context of understanding phrasal verbs.

The best thing is that some phrasal verbs can truly be categorized into two categories adding other words in between. Whether you say that you won’t turn down his offer or you want to turn his offer down, both are correct. If you practice a bit, you will get good at it. This will become easy for you to understand.

Now, you might be wondering how you can make it easy for you. It would be better to take some online courses coming up with great content. You may also go with online videos to have a better understanding. Try to take it interestingly.

Conclusion –

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to make sure that you make a timetable to learn it. The more you put effort, the better results you have.


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